Casio EX-Z75 focus fix

An idea of fixing that camera is from page:

Without that I won't even start. Read it carefully before
opening your camera.


1.Pull out lens before disassembly. Just turn on the camera,
  and remove a battery from it. Lens will stay pulled out.
  Disassembly will be more convenient.

2.Remove lens assembly, put it on its front. Remove four outer
  black screws only, keep CCD installed. Rear part should be
  easily detachable then (only with lens pulled out already).

  I disassembled all rear parts: CCD mounted by 2 silver screws,
  back-panel mounted by 4 black screws and focus lens assembly
  mounted to backpanel by next 2 black screws in the center.
  While CCD removal may be handy, I don't recommend removal of
  last 2 black screws covered by CCD part.  See picture (4).
  On a picture (7) you see 2 black screws in the center I
  mentioned. CCD is removed in this case. Outer black screws
  are also removed.

3.Use compressed air to clean inner gears. My camera's failure was
  probably related only to dust inside it.

4.Picture (6) shows temporary installation to protect a ribbon cable.

My repair time: about 3 hours (not including breaks).
I've never seen it before.
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